SSiWO Technologies,full name is Shanghai xiangwo Information Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, was founded in 2015, devoted to the research and development of deep learning and intelligent sensor technology. Up to now, the company has accumulated nearly 50 independent intellectual property rights and patents. It has provided practical AI and big data application solutions for real estate, automobile manufacturing, education and elderly care industries and other livelihood industries for 4 years. And I hope to use AI + IOT (artificial intelligence internet of things) to enable terminals to realize the digitalization of the physical world, so as to provide real business value for industry users and accelerate the integration of AI and the real economy.

上海像我信息科技有限公司,国家高新技术企业,成立于2015年,致力研发深度学习和智能传感技术,至今公司已经累计拥有了近50项自主知识产权和专利;持续4年为房地产,汽车制造,教育养老等民生产业提供了切实可行的人工智能及大数据应用解决方案。并希望用 AIR+IoT(人工智能物联网) 赋能终端实现物理世界的数字化,从而为行业用户提供真正的商业价值、加速 AI 与实体经济的融合。